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Disributors For
AMSCO proudly distributes for the following companies:

Accu Trak Tool Corp.
Precision knurling tools, all standard knurls in stock

Automatic Tooling Corp.
Multi spindle parts & tooling in stock

B&S Screw Machine Services (Genuine)
Replacement parts, tooling and attachments in stock

D.T. Tools
Carbide inserted box tools in stock

Davenport Machine
OEM Davenport parts, tooling and attachments

Lester Detterbeck Enterprise Ltd. - Boyar Schultz SMT
Screw machine tooling in stock

Hardinge Brothers Inc.
Collets, feed fingers, pads in stock

Quality Chaser Company

Schlitter Tool
Screw machine tooling in stock

Somma Tool Co., Inc.
Cutting tools, tool holders, work holders and accessories for screw machines

Whitcore Tube
Silent stock tubes in stock

AMSCO Catalogs and Tooling Catalogs are available upon request.

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